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A Shot of Positivity
March 1st, 2015

The sport of archery has persons from every walk of life. It is very dynamic and fascinating. From the dedicated hunter to the Olympic target shooter; from young boys and girls earning merit badges or trying to be like 'dad' to retirees finally finding time to pick up where they left off a few years back. Some love archery as a skillful social outlet while others use it to maintain skills that provide entertainment and food. Still others use archery to ensure survival in the potential zombie apocalypse.

Whatever the reason or skill level, we at The Spot Archery have been blessed to have all these people visit our location. I am amazed to see so many familiar faces smiling at me when I arrive to lend a minor hand at the shop. The enjoyment derived from this simple and yet very technical sport is seen in the camaraderie amongst our customers, the easy banter between shots, the playful needling over a miss, and the excited celebrations of success.

League night reflects the best of all these expressions. Whether beginner, which I was my first league night, or sharpening skills for a tournament or hunt, the positive energy of shooting league infuses you with a joy of a sport that will have you returning each week for more.

Who out there doesn't want to be infused with positive energy? It's better than a shot of espresso and lasts far longer.

October 6th, 2014
Written by DeAnn

Before owning The Spot Archery, I had never held a bow, much less shot one. It was exciting to look forward to the first time I would take up a bow. All the questions came along: Would I even be able to draw the bow? Could I get near the target? Would I embarrass myself?

Then I picked up a bow for the first time. There was something empowering about shooting a it. The strength needed to draw, the skill to judge distance and placement, and the sharp surprise when the arrow releases.

Without prior experience, I had no idea how technical the Archery really is. All this was expertly and kindly reviewed with me. First, I needed to focus on my stance, including foot placement, hips and weight distribution. The draw weight is very important to your success. As a man, you don't have to pull a huge weight to be successful at hunting or target shooting. As a woman, you will be able to pull a much greater weight than you expect. My biggest challenge was to remember to consistently anchor my bow string to the same point each time to increase the consistency of my arrow flight.

The excitement of shooting a bow outweighed all the concerns over remembering the technical parts of the sport. I was now initiated into archery.


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