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Break the Barriers

As pioneers in the world of Inclusion we actively participate in all communities to make a difference in our diverse world, breaking all barriers experienced by people of all Abilities.

Fresno Field Archers

The Fresno Field Archers was reorganized from the Fresno Target Archery Club around 1956. The Fresno Safari is one of the nation's longest running outdoor archery tournaments and has attracted some of the world's top shooters. Along with Safari the club also hosts the Gene Foster Traditional Rendezvous. The Rendezvous draws traditional archers, bow makers, arrow makers, flint knappers and leather workers from around the state to try their hand at unmarked yardage 3-D targets, pop-ups, balloon shoots and speed rounds.

Madera Field Archers

Established in 1958, the Madera Field Archers strive to provide archers across the San Joaguin Valley with an archery club to foster communication of information and share ideas as well as offer access to a full functioning outdoor range in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills.

Woodlake Antelope Archers


Summer League

Beginning June 2nd, 2016.

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Right On Target

A Shot of Positivity,
March 1st 2015

The sport of archery has persons from every walk of life. It is very dynamic and fascinating. From the dedicated hunter to the Olympic target shooter; from young boys and girls earning merit badges or trying to be like 'dad' to retirees finally finding time to pick up where they left off a few years back.


Better Get Legal!

Before you head out to the woods, make sure you have the permits you need to hunt. You can learn more by clicking the link below or stop in.

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